When I was very young, I was 5y,old, started first love. Her name is reiko. Same age girl.But she doesn't know me and my heart,but I atacked her. One day, I said her"hi,reiko,may I back to home with me?".
She said"no, I want go to home with your friend yasuo".
Shock!,very fast broken my heart. Next month, I find a very nice new love.
She is kaori,very kind girl,coz my love is my teacher.
Every day, I waiting , and back to home with her,but,she is very older.
Very difficult love,one day , I said her" I want kiss you. OK ? " I may be bad? She said" Ok,hiroki" ohhhhh! I think life is beatiful!! And,she start for me,..CHU! ........ my love is broken. Coz, Important for love ,that is positioning, do you know?
She wasn't kiss my lip,she was forehead. Yes, I may be have many loves story.

My little story

top think work dream family next
My first kiss and little sex, is a seven teen.Same class girl,name is keiko, she is a very pretty and cuty,She was top of beaty girl in my school,famiuse.And I was middle,never nice guy,nomal man. One day she sain to me.
"Hi,hiroki,are you intersted music,last mouth your play's piano,Very nice fantastic,I like it." oh!! it's a very nice chance!I was playing piano in school festival,jazz free play style.
Love is magic,and very fantastic. We are meet a every day,
And oneday,she said"hiroki, I think every day for you,why,It's a very magic" I said"it's a may be love" she said"true?Oh!! I love you? Very nice, and you?" I said" ofcaourse,Love you many many I love you best in the world." started kiss.
Kiss,kiss,kiss in 8:00 night in near park. And she said me"hiroki, tonight,0:00 please come to my room? I miss you"
"OK,keiko. I am very happy, just time go."and I went to her home.But,her home is very difficult,coz next door sleeping her father and Mother, but I one more heart and atack it,arrived her bed,and kiss,And..., we were feeling one body,oh my god.....but Door's knock!!!!father said" keiko ,are you allright? I'll in to OK?"